About Oddsshark

The Oddsshark project is not an online casino. This is a special information platform on which you can observe analytical data related to sports and other events. Experts are responsible for the analysis. The difference between the project and similar ones is that professionals from all over the world participate in the formation of content, offer free forecasts, keep traffic statistics and more.

The project can also be considered as an aggregator. Plus – the ability to analyze different offers of modern online casinos, choose the best ones and place bets in them or play Baccarat and other card games with increased odds!

Is it worth registering here?

If you love sports and love to bet, then yes. The question is rhetorical. We also recommend registration in the project for those who love card games. In a special section, you can find information regarding profitable offers from various online casinos.

Since its inception (2008), Oddsshark has been offering clients regular forecasts. Professional analysts attach comprehensive analytical information to individual events. In special sections you can find information about the latest news in the world of sports and gambling, expert articles and reviews.

Those wishing to receive the most accurate forecasts can make a voluntary contribution. Its size is not limited by anything.

Contributions are excluded. The main income of the project consists of marketing campaigns for the purposes of PR of various casinos and bookmakers.

There is a significant disadvantage for the Russian-speaking audience: there is no appropriate localization.

Is the project cheating?

The very fact that all contributions are voluntary does not allow us to speak of the fraudulent attitude of the Oddsshark administration. It has already been noted that the main income of the company consists of advertising of online casinos and bookmakers.

An argument in favor of the integrity of the project can be considered transparent and accessible to all clients statistics on the passability of forecasts. If you compare it with the data at the disposal of bookmakers and online casinos, you will find that there are no discrepancies.

Another significant advantage, and at the same time an argument in favor of the honesty of the project, is the availability of comparative materials and the aggregation of profitable offers. It doesn’t matter what the client is interested in. In a special section on the Oddsshark website, he can find data on odds for sports events, information about promotions of different casinos. Thanks to the project, you can choose the most optimal online establishment not only for sports betting, but also for playing cards, for other gambling entertainment.

For fans of card games, including Baccarat, we definitely recommend the comparative and analytical data presented on the Oddsshark project. The section dedicated to sports events will be useless, but the one related to the comparison of casino offers will do.

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